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About us

We have created our website, to introduce a new way of learning different kinds of poker. This is an interactive way where you can see online poker examples and poker hand analysis. This is very useful because you need to really think about the given situation in every hand and if you go deep inside the problem you will have a better understanding of the principles of the game. It is also an interesting way of learning because many beginners do not want to read hundreds of pages of poker books when they are about to start playing online poer. gives you an overview of the different kinds of poker and teach you how to think in different poker situations and make money in the game. By analyzing the possible outcomes of different hands you can gain a new perspective of poker which you can apply directly in your online poker games.

You can use the site for free, learn from the articles and solutions and discuss the situations with other people. The site’s other goal is to provide deep analysis of the different kinds of poker, not only Texas Hold’em – like most other sites. This is important because all potential poker players need to find the kind of poker that fits them best. A lot of players just start playing Texas Hold’em because it is the most popular kind of poker but they fail to realize that this does not mean it is the best way to make money. Therefore on we also analyze the different kinds of poker and you can try your skills by thinking through the examples thoroughly while reading them. This way you can find out which poker suits you best by looking at how well you would act in the situations. Go ahead and read some poker hand analysis!

In order to make learning more interesting there is a “Poker Tutorial Videos” section. There you can find videos that help you learn poker by showing the action in practice and you can also find videos that introduce different poker sites. We also continuously update this section with new videos.

Of course our poker site would not be a great source of information if we did not keep up with the latest poker news. Keeping this in mind besides the poker hand analysis we try to provide coverage of the latest and most important poker news as well of the online poker world. Other poker sites also provide this kind of functionality but our aim is not to cover the topics of poker the same way other sites do: we try to gather information from a lot of different sources (reading blogs, forums, websites, mailing lists, feeds, etc.) so that you do not have to read tens of poker sites. We post not only the important news but also the different opinions, consequences, conclusions, reactions of players, etc. This way we try to show you how the events may affect your online gaming.

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So you can learn at our site and discuss your thoughts, and at the same time we provide an extensive list of poker sites where you can start playing with good reward programs.

On behalf of the crew we all wish you a lot of fun and enjoy our site!